Spray dryer manufacturers explain the difference between spray dryer and freeze dryer
 Jul 28, 2022|View:740

Spray dryers and freeze dryers are the same types of drying equipment, but there's a big difference between how they work and how they actually work. As professional spray dryer manufacturers, today from these two aspects to compare the difference between spray dryers and freeze-drying machines.

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First of all, the spray dryer manufacturers recommend that based on how they work, the spray dryer is designed to mechanically disperse the material that needs to be dried into fine, mist-like particles that will instantly remove most of the moisture, the solid material is dried into a powder. The particles are more uniform and have good fluidity. A lyophilizer is a sublimation drying method in which water freezes below freezing point, turns into ice, which then turns into steam and is removed in a high vacuum. From the practical application point of view, the freeze-drying machine is much more expensive than the traditional spray dryer, but the freeze-drying machine is more common and practical in dealing with materials, and according to the nature of the material, can be used with hot air drying or cold air granulation, the material has strong adaptability.

Therefore, for the general material, using the spray dryer is more applicable. Professional spray dryer manufacturers offer customized spray dryer solutions for a variety of product characteristics. If you need them, please feel free to contact us.