Role of industrial spray drying machine in traditional Chinese medicine preparation industry
 Aug 11, 2022|View:174

After introducing the principle and technological process of the industrial spray drying machine, we can find that it is suitable for drying traditional Chinese medicine with high polysaccharide, high protein, high sugar, low softening point, and strong hygroscopicity, at present, it is worth popularizing and applying in the drying technology of traditional Chinese medicine. The main advantages of the industrial spray drying machine for TCM drying are:

industrial spray drying machine

1. Good uniformity of finished products: Spray drying, liquid medicine in the continuous stirring spray into atomized dispersion, instant completion of drying, so good uniformity.

2. Good fluidity, porosity, and solubility: spray drying, rapid evaporation of water, small particle size, good fluidity, smoothness, sub-dose packaging, dose more accurate. In contact with water, it is easier to get into the particles, which is more conducive to the dissolution of the drug.

3. Simplify the process: the industrial spray drying machine allows one step of concentration drying, in addition to a relatively short drying time, to maintain the efficacy of heat-sensitive drugs.

4. Clean production: the airtight spraying environment is adopted to prevent the bacterial contamination of drugs and reduce the dust pollution in the workshop.

5. Non-destruction of active ingredients: industrial spray drying machine is suitable for the drying of thermosensitive materials such as biological products, biological pesticides, and enzymes since the material is sprayed with spray-size particles only at high temperatures, with only transient heat, these active substances can be kept dry, to keep their active components are not destroyed.

We are specialized in producing all kinds of spray drying equipment. According to the characteristics of different products, the company provides targeted spray drying solutions and technical support. If you want to know more about the industrial spray drying machine, you are welcome to consult with us.

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