Form analysis of spray dryer equipment
 Sep 02, 2021|View:783

Spray dryer equipmentis a kind of equipment that can complete drying and granulation process at the same time. Adjust the pressure, flow rate and jet hole standard of the feed liquid pump according to the process requirements, and then get the demand, and make spherical particles in accordance with a certain standard proportion.

There are many kinds of spray dryer equipment. But according to the principle of atomization can be divided into centrifugal, pressure and gas flow. According to the classification of atomizers, the classification of spray drying equipment is also different.

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The whole process of spray dryer equipment, all the selected material input, through the diaphragm pump and high pressure liquid jet droplets, and the hot air to flow down, the discharge outlet at the bottom of the powder is collected, waste gas and pinky separation of cyclone separating device, exhaust through the exhaust fan, powder collected by pollination at the bottom of the cone cyclone separator, fan export direction can also be equipped with secondary dust removal equipment, The recovery rate is above 96-98%.

SUS304 is used to manufacture the tower body, pipe and separator in contact with materials. There is a satisfactory insulation layer between the tower body and the tower shell, and the filling data is superfine glass wool. The tower body is provided with an inquiry door, a mirror, a light source and a control instrument, which is controlled by an electric control console to flicker. The heat source equipment adopts steam heating or electric heater, which has the advantages of convenient operation, quick start, compact structure and clean hot air.

In addition, the control and dispatching equipment of the electric heater is installed in the electrical control cabinet, which can complete the stepless dispatching of the inlet temperature of the spray dryer equipment. In power shortage areas, steam heating, coal burning, oil burning hot blast stove and other ways can be used to partially or completely replace electric heating equipment.