How to improve the drying efficiency of spray dryer equipment?
 Sep 08, 2021|View:764

The spray dryer equipment reduces the air temperature at the exit of the tower. On the premise of guaranteeing the drying quality, the air temperature at the entrance of the tower can be improved to fully supply the heat of fog drops and the transpiration rate of water in fog drops. In this way, the air temperature at the exit of the tower can be reduced as far as possible under the condition that the powder can be fully dried to a certain extent. The air temperature out of the tower is mainly controlled by the flow rate of the material liquid to be sprayed. If the air temperature out of the tower drops, the material liquid speed can improve the atomization amount per unit time, and then improve the work efficiency of the spray dryer.

The spray dryer equipment is a method of rapid development of drying scope and wide application scale. It is suitable for liquid raw materials such as solution and pumpable suspension to produce powdery, granular or massive solid products. Due to different drying characteristics of dry materials such as heat sensitivity, viscosity and fluidity, and different quality requirements of products such as particle size, particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape, different atomizers, airflow movement methods and drying chamber structure methods were selected.

efficiency of spray dryer equipment

Matters needing attention in the application of spray dryer equipment:

1. During the closed operation of the spray dryer, when the solvent (such as ethanol and xylene, etc.) is sprayed, the oxygen concentration must be controlled below 5% (the oxygen concentration can reach the required value by reimporting N2 or starting from scratch), otherwise the solvent will be in danger of incineration.

2. Do not contact rotating parts (atomizer, atomizing plate, belt, motor blade) during the work of spray dryer.

3. During the operation of the spray dryer equipment or during a period of time after shutdown, the surface temperature of the spray dryer is relatively high. Please do not touch the bag filter, cyclone separator, air duct, atomizer, exhaust fan, observation window and other parts with your hands.

4. Do not enter the tower if the temperature of the spray dryer does not drop to normal temperature.

5. When opening and closing the door of the spray dryer and disassembling the air duct, cyclone separator and atomizer, be careful that your hands and fingers are held.

6. When the oxygen concentration does not reach 21%, stop opening and checking the door of the spray dryer equipment; Otherwise easy to cause the operator hypoxia, resulting in suffocation.