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EVP Multi-effects Evaporator
EVP Multi-effects Evaporator

EVP Multi-effects Evaporator

Product Description

Multi-effects evaporator is operating under the vacuum and low temperature, it saves energy by utilizing the steam repeatedly. The condensing heat can also be recovered, if the vapor from the front effect is compressed to higher pressure. The saturated steam temperature corresponding to the pressure is also higher and the vapor can be reused for heating. Steam jet vapor compressor is used under this principle.

The jet compressor is operated at a very high velocity and has no movable parts. The structure is simple and the operation reliable.

Every effect of falling-film evaporator has an upper distribution system. The liquid flows downwards in each tube uniformly, forming a cylindrical hollow thin liquid layer, the vapors flow axially downwards.

The concentrated product is separated from the vapors in two steps, firstly to the lower end by gravity, and secondly by a high efficient cyclone separator. The clean vapors are then used to heat the next effect, or condensed (last effect).

Features & Applications

The multi-effects evaporator with many varies specification according with the capacity from 1000kg/h to 50000kg/h.

The evaporation equipment with low temperature, short product contacting time, and big capacity. It’s good working for thermosensitive materials.

The multi-effects evaporator is widely used for evaporation in foodstuff, bevarage, grain further processing, chemical environmental protection, pharmacutical and water solution, and also widely used in effluent/liquid waste treatment in related industries.

Technical Parameter



Evp -3000





Working Temp

50-80℃ (depend on the properties of the product, and URS)

Nominal Processing Capacity (Kg/h)







Heating method



Concentrate the liquid with 3-20% into 60-80% accordingly

Note:These parameters for reference only and will be changed as per URS.

General Flow Chart

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