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GZWX And GZLN Feeds Drying Equipment
    • GZWX And GZLN Feeds Drying Equipment
Detailed Product Description
Brief Introduction

To measure the drying equipment with three core points that single output, energy consumption and product moisture uneveness. Given the previous drying equipment used in feeds industry, low capacity with high energy consumption and uneven moisture, after many years follows foreign advanced iea and learns from foreign advanced technology with consideration of domestic feeds industry conditions, we have developed GZWX Series Circumfluent Dryer and GZLN Seies Vertical Plate Turnover Dryer.   

GZWX Series Circumfluent Dryer consists of material distribution device, drying chamber, chain conveying system, steam heat exchanger system, wet air exhaust system and electric control system.

GZLN Seies Vertical Plate Turnover Dryer includes main drying body, hydraulic system and electric control system. The main drying body consists of bottom seat, top cover, scatter device, drying chamber, discharging device, hopper, discharging screw and other parts. 


Features & Applications

This machine with simple construction, high control reliability, easy to operate, keep the state of particle material, drying quality soft adjustable, high heat exchanger efficiency and other advantages. Meets the current trend of high efficient, energy saving and environmental protection. 

This feeds dryer is widely used for drying expanding feeds and pellet feeds in feeds industry. Suitable for drying poultry feed, livestock feed, aquatic feed, ruminant feed, fish feed, shrimp feed, pet food, premix etc. Especially the high quality aquatic feed producing. 

This machine can also be used for drying the granulate material and piece material in grain, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Technical Parameter




Air    inlet Temp

40-140℃ (depend on the properties of the product, and URS)

Nominal    Processing Capacity (Ton)



Steam    (kg/Ton)



Power    (kw)



Weight    of equipment(Ton)

Around    4.6

Around    26

Product moisture uneveness


Note:These parameters for reference only and will be changed as per URS.

Flow Chart

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