How to realize atomization granulation in industrial spray dryer?
 Mar 22, 2022|View:585

The industrial spray dryeruses hot air to dry the mist products. The hot air enters the tower through the mouth of the spray drying tower, and the exhaust gas after drying is drained by the induced draft fan. In the working process of industrial spray dryers, it is very important to control the temperature (hot air temperature) and outlet temperature (exhaust temperature) when the hot air is used in spray drying into the tower, which determines the quality of products and drying bulk density and other factors, and is strictly controlled.

industrial spray dryer

In the experimental process, the exhaust temperature of industrial spray dryer is related to the moisture content of the product, and should be decided according to the allowable moisture of the product. The higher the hot air temperature, the higher the thermal efficiency and the better the economy. However, high hot air temperature will cause poor product quality, so the hot air temperature should be properly improved on the premise of ensuring product quality.

The hot air temperature of industrial spray dryers will have obvious influence on the bulk density of products. High temperature hot air tends to produce low bulk density, which is due to the drying effect of hot air, which hardens the particle surface and expands the residual moisture, and accelerates the formation of spherical hollow particles. If high bulk density (low specific volume) is required, or solid particles are required, high-temperature hot air should not be used in the design to contact the newly formed fog droplets.