Method of reducing the production cost of spray dryer equipment
 Apr 02, 2022|View:248

In order to achieve sustainable development and reduce the production cost of enterprises, how to make spray dryer equipment more energy-saving and environmental protection is also a problem worth considering. After years of research and upgrading of spray dryer equipment, our company has concluded some effective measures.

spray dryer equipment

First, by increasing the temperature of the spray dryer equipment in the tower hot air to reduce energy consumption, tower hot air temperature, the more heat can be transferred to the material, the faster the rate of evaporation of water.

Secondly, the temperature of the hot air in the spray dryer equipment tower can be appropriately reduced. When the temperature of the hot air entering the tower is constant, lowering the temperature of the hot air leaving the tower can reduce the heat carried by the hot air leaving the tower, and make full use of the heat of the hot air to dry the materials.

Thirdly, the water content of the material is further reduced, the production efficiency of the spray drying tower is improved, and the evaporation rate is accelerated.

Fourthly, waste gas heat can be recycled through the heat exchanger, thus saving energy.

For more information on how to spray dryer equipment can reduce production costs, please contact us. Our main spray drying equipment, for different product characteristics, will provide targeted spray drying solutions, you are welcome to learn more details.

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