Seven points for attention in using spray dryer equipment
 Apr 19, 2022|View:479

Spray dryer equipment you know a thing or two, in the use of the process need to follow the correct steps, so as to ensure that the next normal operation, today to tell you to spray dryer equipment seven points.

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1. Spraying organic solvents (such as ethanol, xylene, etc.) during spray dryer equipment shutdown, the concentration of oxygen must be controlled below 5% (by reintroducing N2 or starting from scratch, the concentration of oxygen can reach the required value), otherwise the organic solvent has the risk of combustion and explosion.

2. Spray dryer equipment has a high surface temperature during operation or during a period of downtime, please do not touch the bag filter, cyclone separator, air duct, atomizer, exhaust fan, observation window, and other parts.

3. Spray dryer equipment in the work, do not touch the rotating parts (atomizer, atomizing disk, belt, motor blades).

4. Spray drying tower temperature is not down to the normal temperature, please do not enter the drying tower.

5. In the open and closed spray dryer equipment doors, remove the air duct, cyclone separator, and atomizer, and carefully hold hands and fingers.

6. To open the refrigerator, you must turn on the circulating water; 8, each time before opening spray dryer equipment, atomizer two refueling port to refuel.

7. Do not open the door of spray dryer equipment until the oxygen concentration reaches 21%; otherwise, the operator may be deprived of oxygen and suffocate.

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