Advantages of food spray dryer in drying sugar-containing materials
 May 11, 2022|View:649

The drying of sugar-containing materials has always been a difficult problem in the drying process. The sugar is easy to melt at high temperatures. When the materials are dried, the sugar is easy to adhere to the inside of the drying equipment. At this point, you need to choose a food spray dryer, according to the different sugar content of the calculation, the development of specific drying parameters, and conditions.

food spray dryer

First of all, the process must be able to comply with the non-stick walls, non-caking, and product quality can be guaranteed. Secondly, it requires the rationality of heat energy and power consumption, reducing blind amplification, reducing excess power consumption, and easy to operate. In the wall insulation area of the food spray dryer drying tower, remove the insulation cotton and allow it to enter room temperature air. This part of the air can be reheated and reenter the air heater inlet, so the heat is not wasted. Since the lower temperature of the air layer near the tower wall does not belong to the normal dry zone, the diameter of the tower should be enlarged appropriately. The second requirement is to maintain a uniform flow of cooling air around the outer walls of the food spray dryer tower, without drift or dead angle. This method has been effectively applied to the drying of carbohydrate materials. The increase of relative humidity of the air on the wall of the drying tower should be paid close attention to when using this method.

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