How to solve the problem of wall sticking when industrial spray dryers run
 May 24, 2022|View:212

Wall sticking is a prominent impediment in industrial spray dryers operations, especially in the drying of solid formulations. The adhesion of the material to the wall not only affects the collection but also affects the quality of the product.

In order to solve the problem that the materials always stand on the inner wall of industrial spray dryers, many R & D personnel try to take the technical point of view, such as choosing the right solvent, adding the auxiliary materials, changing the process parameters, etc., unfortunately, none of these approaches can solve the problem at all, and the solution must be found in the industrial spray dryers machine itself, or else it is a palliative. So here are five ways to prevent wall sticking that you can go through in case of a problem:

 industrial spray dryers

1. The air-cooled drying tower with clamping walls is adopted to keep the temperature of the tower wall below 50 °C;

2. The secondary air cooling tower wall is introduced into the tower wall through the tangential direction of the cyclone blade;

3. Install an air broom with a row of nozzles near the tower wall and slowly rotate it along the wall;

4. A gas hammer is arranged on the wall of the tower to separate the sticky wall material, and the sticky wall material is removed by oscillation;

5. The processing accuracy of industrial spray dryers is improved, and the wall sticking can be reduced by tower wall polishing.

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