Spray dryer manufacturers tell you the advantages of spray dryer
 Apr 09, 2021|View:1024

Spray dryer has been cutting the waves in the drying industry and advancing courageously. The principle of spray drying is to disperse the material to be dried into very fine mist-like particles through mechanical action (to increase the evaporation area of water and accelerate the drying process) to contact with hot air to remove most of the water in an instant, so that The solid matter in the material is dried into a powder.

The drying characteristics of spray dryer are:

1. The drying process is very fast.

2. It can be directly dried into powder.

3. Easy to change drying conditions and adjust product quality standards.

4. There is a certain negative pressure in the drying room, which ensures the sanitary conditions in production, avoids flying dust in the workshop, and improves the purity of the product.

5. Due to instantaneous evaporation, the equipment material selection requirements are not strict.

6. High production efficiency and few operators.

7. Large production capacity and high product quality. The spray volume per hour can reach several hundred tons, which is one of the larger dryers.

8. The spray dryer is easy to adjust, and the operating conditions can be changed in a wide range to control the quality indicators of the product, such as particle size distribution, moisture content, biological activity, solubility, color, fragrance, taste, etc.

advantages of China spray dryer

Spray drying is usually used to remove moisture from raw materials. In addition, it has many other uses, such as changing the size, shape or density of substances. It can assist in the addition of other ingredients during the production process and contribute to production. Products with the most stringent quality standards.