What are the characteristics of spray dryer for chemical
 Mar 15, 2021|View:218

(1) The material residence time is short, the heat exchange rate is high, and instant drying can be completed;

(2) The special cyclone separator recovery device for spray dryer for chemical ensures the loss of dry starch;

(3) The specially designed system makes the starch not easy to agglomerate and can control the residual moisture;

(4) The new type of ventilation screw replaces the traditional closed type air driven screw, which has good effect and low failure rate;

(5) Without a large number of moving parts, the operation protection cost is low.

In terms of operating pressure, spray dryer for chemical is divided into two types: atmospheric dryer and vacuum dryer. Operating under vacuum can reduce the partial pressure of moisture vapor in the space to speed up the drying process, and can reduce the boiling point of moisture and dry the material. 

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Temperature and steam are not easy to leak. Therefore, the vacuum dryer is suitable for drying heat sensitive, easily oxidized, explosive and toxic materials and occasions where moisture and steam need to be recovered. The advantage of this dryer is that it has a well-designed adsorption tower, high-performance active alumina adsorbent, and an excellent muffler. There is also a unique imported pneumatic controller with two characteristics of high power and use, and a re-regulation valve that can accurately adjust the flow rate.

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