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ZLG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer
ZLG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer
ZLG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer
ZLG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer
ZLG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer
ZLG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer

ZLG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer

Product Description

To feed the granule or powder material into the drying body, meantime, the air enter into the drying body through hot air chamber and vibration fluidizing distribution plate after filtering, heating or cooling, de-humidifying process. Under the action of vibration and hot air flow, the material is moving and fluidizing along the direction of upward and forward, finally discharged from the end outlet. The hot air or cold air upward through the vibrating fluid bed and heat exchange with the material and exhaused after filtered by dust collector. The dust collector could be cyclone and cloth bag filter. Sometime, it could equip with wet scrubber as supplement.

Features & Applications

The angle and height of vibration and fluidizing chamber and the method of dust collection could be choosed as per the material characters and process requirements.

Drived by vibration motor, it’s smooth in running, and easy to maintenance. With low noice and long service life.

The fluidizing bed temperature is uniformly distributed, no local overheat problem, no dead corner. No the phenomenon of gaps and blowing out. It could get good uniform drying and cooling the products.

The thickness of material layer and vibration and moving speed could adjusted in the design scope. With good adjustable and widely applicable.

Almost no damage for the surface of material. It could used for drying easy broken product, irregular granules.

Adopts fully seal structure, it is effective to prevent the material cross contamination with the outside. The working environment is clean and continuously running.

When produce the material with high moisture content and big capacity, could adopt multi series to up to the requirement.

ZLG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer is widely used for drying and cooling of powder or granle state materials, such as instant coffee powder, non-dairy creamer, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, borax, ammonium sulphur, compound fertilizer, piece of radish, bean, lees, seed, mine reside and sugar in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, grain, mine and so on industries.

Technical Parameter






ZLG1.5 x9


Air Inlet Temp

70°C to 140℃, adjustable

Air Exhaust Temp

40-70℃ (depend on the properties of the product, and URS)

Nominal Processing Capacity (Kg/h)







Fluidizing area (m2)







Cooling method

Cooling dehumidifier, cooler

Note:These parameters for reference only and will be changed as per URS.

General Flow Chart

fluid bed dryer vs spray dryer

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