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Milk Powder Production Line
    • Milk Powder Production Line
Detailed Product Description
Brief Introduction

Powder milk is made from cow milk, goat milk and other mammal's milk as raw material, processed by sterilization, cream separation (depends on what kind of milk required), concentration and dry into powder, which is portable and preservative.

Up to now, the powder milk has developed into wide range for different applications. Generally speaking, powder milk is divided into full milk powder, skimmed milk, and formulated milk powder. The best milk powder for the market is different kinds of special infant formulated powder milk.And also we have infant formula production line.

Features & Applications

Generally speaking, Milk Powder Production Line includes raw milk receiving, pre-treating, concentrating, drying and packing sections. In real configurations, there are normally CIP and utility supplying system included.

i. Raw milk collecting

Milk is collected from different dairy farms, which is filtered, degassed, cooled and then stored in the milk tanks. Generally speaking, milk is to be collected everyday, it means the milk storage tank should be enough for one day's production.

ii. Pretreatment

Fresh milk pretreatment consists of sterilization, cream separation, homogenization and emulsification.

In order to ensure the health, before pre-treating milk, it should be sterilized. Sterilization usually by pasteurization machine, you can also use ultra-high temperature sterilization, UHT milk, but the nutrition losts a lot.

After sterilization, depends on products requirement, make the separation of fresh milk. Cream Separated can be directly sold in the market for other food processing industries, such as bread ,cakes production and be further processed into anhydrous cream.

By cream separation, homogenization and emulsification, before milk is further processed prior to its formulation, to ensure consistent quality of products and has a variety of special nutrients (add different food ingredients), such as infant formula powdered milk and elder powdered milk and so on.

iii. Concentrator 

In order to reduce the investment, save energy, before drying milk, it is necessary to concentrate the milk. Depends on milk’s character,concentration is apply to multi-effect falling film evaporator.

Multi-effect falling evaporator is new kind of concentrating machine, depends on different of configuration, in theory, 1kg of steam can evaporate 3-5kg water. In practice it is slightly lower.

Compare to drying equipment, the price of evaporators is low, The investment low and energy saving.

iv. Drying

Concentrated milk need be dried into powder. Pressure spray dryer and centrifugal spray dryer both work. But the particle size of the product from pressure spray dryer is bigger, the flowability is better, and the solubility is good, pressure spray dryer is widely applied for this process these days.

The heating system of spray dryer might be separated with the other heat supplying system, so to increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption.

v. CIP System

Food machinery requires regular cleaning to ensure product safety and health. Manual cleaning wastes a lot of time and energy. Our company provides cleaning equipment in place, which helps save manpower and get the better cleaning effect, avoid manual cleaning and bring bacteria.

vi. Auxiliary System

We provide packing machine, utilities supplying system and other necessary system as per customer requirements, such as cooling water, chilled water, electricity, steam, compressed air supply.

Customers might also contact the local suppliers. We will provide the necessary supports.

Technical Parameter








Nominal    Output (kg/h)







Annual    Output (8000H/Y) (Ton/Y)







Area    required (m2)







Product    collection rate

98-99.5%    (Depends on the specification, URS and technical parameters)

Final    moisture contents (%)

^    3%(Depends on URS)

Bulk    density of product (Kg/L)

0.45-0.55    (Depend on the configuration, specification and processing parameters)

Discharge    temperature (°C)

35-45    °(Depends on configuration and URS)


Any    fuel, such as gas, LPG, oil, and coal etc, or other solid fuel, such as rice    hull, coconut shells,
     and    wood chip etc.

Note:These parameters for reference only and will be changed as per URS.

Flow Chart

milk powder production flow chart

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