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Non Dairy Creamer Production Line
Non Dairy Creamer Production Line
Non Dairy Creamer Production Line
Non Dairy Creamer Production Line
Non Dairy Creamer Production Line
Non Dairy Creamer Production Line

Non Dairy Creamer Production Line

Product Description

Non-Dairy Creamer also known as NDC, is a powder creamer, which is made of hydrogenated vegetable oil, glucose syrup (or maltodextrin powder) and some other food ingredients by mixing, homogenizing and spray drying processes. It has the following characteristics.

i. Stability for storage: The oil beads are encapsulated, so the products has a thermal stability and not easy to be rancid.

ii. Good operational performance: non-dairy creamer can be mixed with different raw materials uniformly and the product is powder, it is easy to be packed in bags.

iii. Strengthen the food fat, improve flavor. According to customers’ requirements, we can make the product with strong milk taste, or light milk taste.

These days, there’re a lot of reports or arguments about trans fat in NDC. After some trials and research,

we have developed new processing technology which will make the trans fat contents very low, and meet the strict regulations in the world.

Features & Applications

Generally speaking, non-dairy creamer production line consists of mixing and emulsifying, homogenization, sterilization, spray drying and screening sections. As pre customers requirements, we also supply CIP system for easy cleaning and to reduce the operating costs.

i. Mixing and Emulsifying

Mix the glucose (or maltodextrin powder), hydrogenated vegetable oil, casein, emulsifier, phosphate and other additives together as per proportions of the formula.

Normally, the DE value of glucose syrup (or dextrin powder) is around 22- 30 (depends of the requirements of the product), melting point of hydrogenated vegetable oil is between 35-53 degrees, so to produce high quality products.

There are two kind of mixing device: specialized emulsifier or vacuum mixer.

The mixing temperature is around 60-70 degrees.

ii. Sterilization

To avoid any hygiene problems, we do pasteurization after mixing process. The most popular creamer sterilization machines are: plate type and tube bundle type.

iii. Homogenization

In order to make the product solved very fast in instant drinks, such as coffee, milk tea and black tea etc, it is necessary to do high-pressure homogenization.

iv.Spray drying

Our special designed spray dryer reduce the height of the workshop, and increase the flowability of the product. The particle size is bigger and the solubility is good.

We normally configure a vibration fluid bed after the spray dryer as the second stage dryer and cooler. Sometimes, the vibration fluid bed only works as the cooler if pneumatic transfer if used for transportation of the product before packaging.

v.Screening and powder processing

The dried and cooled products will be packed after screen separation, and metal detector is normally used here.

Sometime products could be cooled during pneumatic transfer, then we could use the vibration fluid bed only as the cooler, so to reduce the investment and operating cost.

vi.WIP System

Cleaning of food processing equipment is a time consuming work, which occupies a lot of production time, our company supply Washing In Place with different configurations for customers option.

vii .Others

Sometimes, if it is not convenient purchase the glucose syrup, and the output of the plant is relatively large, we suggest starting the production from starch. Thus it is necessary to equip with glucose syrup production line. Please refer to the maltodextrin production line for the details.

Technical Parameter








Nominal Output (Kg/H)







Annual Ouput (8000H/Y) (Ton/Y)







Area required (m2)







Product collection rate

99-99.7% (Depend on the specification, configuration and URS)

Final moisture contents (%)

< 3%(Depends on URS)

Bulk density of product (Kg/L)

0.45-0.55 (Depend on the configuration, specification and processing parameters)

Discharge temperature (°C)

35-45 °(Depends on configuration and URS)


Any fuel, such as gas, LPG, oil, and coal etc, or other solid fuel, such as rice hull, coconut shells, and wood chips etc.

Note: These parameters for reference only and will be changed as per URS.

General Flow Chart

Non Dairy Creamer Production Line.jpg

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