Spray dryer equipment must meet three requirements
 Jun 07, 2022|View:734

Spray dryer equipment is suitable for drying heat-sensitive products. It is not easy to produce protein change after drying. The material has good fluidity and solubility after drying, generally used for drying drugs, milk powder, coffee, and so on.

Spray dryer equipment

In fact, both chemical synthetic drugs and biological products, as well as plant medicines and natural medicines, are more heat-sensitive materials, these materials have strict requirements on hot air temperature, composition, properties, hygroscopicity, viscosity, softening point, active ingredients, etc. . GMP standard has the following requirements for spray dryer equipment: the equipment should be easy to operate and maintain, easy to clean and disinfect; the layout of spray dryer equipment should conform to the process flow, the production capacity should conform to the batch, the design and manufacture should meet the requirements of the production process; The inner wall of the equipment should be smooth, no depression structure, all corners should be arc transition. In addition, the material in contact with the material should be non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, non-chemical reaction with the material, and not easy to fall off the coating, fiber and granular materials, etc., the discharge of Noise, dust, and sewage shall comply with the relevant regulations of the state. Spray dryer equipment also needs to have good self-sealing performance, and lubricant and coolant should avoid contact with materials.

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