Is the spray dryer manufacturer able to meet these requirements?
 Jun 22, 2022|View:702

Spray dryer manufacturer is the manufacturer of spray dryer manufacturers, and spray dryers is commonly used in experiments, medicine, and other continuous atmospheric dryer. The material ejected by the equipment is heated at high temperature and instantaneously only when it is in the form of mist, so that the active material remains unchanged after drying, it is therefore widely applicable to all solutions such as suspensions. At the same time for the current pharmaceutical manufacturers of spray dryer manufacturers also put forward higher, more requirements.

spray dryer manufacturer

Today's spray dryer meets the requirements in many ways. In the material aspect, whether it is chemical synthesis medicine, biological product, plant medicine, or natural medicine, they all belong to the material with high heat sensitivity. Therefore, these materials for the hot air temperature, composition, properties, viscosity, softening point, activity, and hygroscopicity components are strict requirements. This is why the spray dryer will be put forward higher requirements.

At the same time GMP standard for spray dryer requirements are as follows: spray dryer manufacturers spray dryer should be easy to operate, maintenance, cleaning, disinfection; Spray dryers shall be laid out in a manner consistent with the process flow, shall be capable of producing in batches, shall be designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the production process, and shall have a smooth, flat interior with no indentation, all corners should be rounded.

In addition, machines and materials should be non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, do not react with the materials, do not use easily shed coating and granular materials, etc., its noise, dust, sewage, and other emissions in line with the relevant state regulations, the equipment itself to be good sealing, and lubricants, coolants to avoid contact with materials.

In addition, if you choose a spray dryer also need to consider the solution or other solutions, is a single material or a variety of materials, this is very important for our choice of the spray dryer. Now, the environmental problem is more and more serious, if can satisfy these conditions also considered the environmental protection consciousness, then the spray dryer's development road will be broader, flatter.

There are other ways to save energy and reduce the consumption of spray dryers. For example, the tower body and the heat pipe to carry out comprehensive thermal insulation, recycling and use of the accumulation of material and dust in the tower, the use of computer control nozzle oil supply and hot air temperature can achieve better energy-saving and consumption-reducing results, to achieve economic and energy-saving production efficiency.

If these conditions can be met at the same time more consideration, then spray dryer manufacturers will be more wide, more flat road.