The main advantages of spray dryer equipment
 Aug 25, 2021|View:713

Spray drying is atomized into small droplets diameter using spray dryer equipment, material and liquid in the tower of dry and hot air or other medium in the process of the direct contact heat, agile solvent evaporation of water or other liquid materials, liquid materials in a short period of time from drying tower to the Canon of dry powder products cyclone separator gas-solid separation, and then get dry finished drying technology.

 advantages of spray dryer equipment

Compared with other drying technologies, spray drying technology has the following advantages:

(1) Fast drying speed: after atomization by spray dryer equipment, the liquid volume of the material increases thousands of times, and the contact process between fine fog drops and hot air can instantly complete 90% ~ 95% water evaporation. According to different methods of different equipment, drying time can be controlled in 5 ~ 30s, the drying process is very flexible.

(2) the material is suitable for drying heat-sensitive material: in the process of spray drying, material direct contact with the hot air, but most of the heat to evaporate the moisture in the liquid material, the temperature of the material can't more than high temperature air wet bulb temperature, the material will not affect its quality, because of high temperature air quality, applicable to the pharmaceutical, drying of thermal sensitive material.

(3) applied in the advanced composite materials to a variety of bulk chemical production, spray drying ability is very suitable for slurry solids in 0 ~ 60% of material drying, by changing the process parameters, very efficiently produce is suitable for powder particle size and shape, density, the characteristics of dispersion, polymorphism and flow characteristics such as accurate powder mixed and disorderly powder.

The imported products of other brands and domestic brands adopt positive pressure air intake hot air circulation system. Due to the positive pressure inside the system, each connection of the spray dryer equipment is hidden with the pressure of the leakage hot air, so the leakage hot air contains dust, which makes the birds in the laboratory smoke, which is not suitable for the operation requirements of the laboratory personnel.