Form analysis of spray dryer
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The spray dryer is a kind of equipment that can finish the process of drying and granulation together. According to the process requirements can be on the hydraulic pump pressure, flow, nozzle standard to be adjusted, and then get the demand, and in accordance with a certain standard proportion of spherical particles.

For different production needs, spray dryers have also introduced many classification methods, and there are many kinds of atomizers. However, according to the principle of atomization, it can be divided into centrifugal, pressure and airflow. The classification of spray dryers is also different according to the classification basis of atomizers.

spray dryer

The whole process of the spray dryer, all selected materials liquid input through the diaphragm pump high pressure, jet fog droplets, and flow down with hot air, most of the powder of bottom discharging mouth is to collect, exhaust gas and tiny powder in separation by cyclone separation device, exhaust through the exhaust fan, powder by the cyclone separation device bottom pollination cylinder to collect, The fan outlet can also be equipped with secondary dust removal equipment, the recovery rate is above 96%-98%.

With the material touch part of the tower body, pipe, separator manufacturing raw materials, all choose SUS304 manufacturing. There is a satisfactory insulation layer between the inner and outer shell of the tower body, and the filling data is ultrafine glass wool. The tower body is provided with a query door, a mirror, a light source, and a control instrument, which are controlled by the electrical control console and flash. Heat source equipment selection of steam heating or electric heater, easy to operate, fast start, compact structure, hot air clean, and other benefits.

In addition, the control and dispatch equipment of the electric heater is installed in the electric control cabinet, which can complete the stepless dispatch of the inlet temperature of the spray dryer. For areas lacking electricity, steam heating, coal burning, and oil burning hot blast stoves can be used to replace some or all of the electric heating equipment.

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