Coffee Roaster to India
 Oct 14, 2021|View:662

Recently, our company is busy all the time. After a busy period of time, a coffee roaster is on its way to India.

coffee roaster pack up carefully

Changzhou Jinqiao Spray Drying and Engineering Co., Ltd, is the first contracted drying technology cooperator of the most famous university of drying technology in China. After many years of research, Our coffee roaster has developed special technologies and designs to meet the different requirements of products, such as product size, packing density,and fluidity. Our special design also improves the product collection rate. According to our customer practice parameters, the highest product recovery rate is about 99.7%.In order to ensure the quality of service, we have been improving ourselves to realize our self-value.

test coffee roaster

In the future road, we will take the service and the quality as the work premise and be well prepared for future challenges. Only if we keep working hard will the client be more satisfied.

coffee roaster ready to be delivered