How to guarantee the stable output of food spray dryer?
 Oct 27, 2021|View:714

Food spray dryer is able to ensure the drying of moisture in the material, which will achieve the ideal effect and ensure the preservation of the material. This is the standard of a good equipment. But in the actual production and use, some users will encounter wet materials, can not achieve the ideal role, the output will be reduced, there are a lot of users have reacted to such a problem, how to ensure stable output net belt dryer?

For example, there is not much difference between the pre-output and the actual output of spray drying milk powder, but the amount of water content of the material determines the final output. If the water content of the material is low, the time to meet the drying requirements will be very short, and the production capacity may be higher than the reservation.

spray drying milk powder

Moisture in the same way, if the material is very big, want to will be dry, the moisture of the need for a long time, the result is that the actual output is not much, these are all through the experimental results, only said water obtained good control, to ensure can in the later production has good drying effect.

In actual production, the spray dryer equipment are to be preheated, half if not achieve temperature don't production, only the said equipment has reached the some temperature, it can add security for drying, when cold weather should pay attention to, originally the weather is cold, this process needs time to grow, To reach the desired temperature.

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