What factors affect the efficiency of food spray dryers?
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Affect food spray dryer drab efficiency composition there are many, include: one, into the air, the inlet temperature, wall insulation results layout, height and width of the tower, tower body 2, feed rate, feed temperature, spray caliber, model (the appearance of the spray) 3, particle size, the nature of the material liquid, these all have an effect on efficiency of monotone as usual but against companies forward high of the tower Degree and heat preservation results, even if you spray fine powder, heat use efficiency is very high I also have this problem do not know whether there is an expert spray monotonic pelletizer, is a spray monotonic skills and fluidized bed pelletizer skills combined as one of the new Chinese patent medicine, western medicine pelletizer construction equipped with paving.

atomization method of spray dryer equipment

Such as milk powder preparation and transport operation, spray drying milk powder by pump pressure drying tower change device, spray drying atomizer will be atomized into fine drops of milk powder, milk powder is then pass into the hot air drying tower (400 ~ 400 ℃) drying dehydration, the latter still contains moisture must be solid particles into the bottom of the drying tower, discharged from the exit, and with powder and water vapor in the air Whirlwind scatterer network of micro powder after the exhaust fan overhead.

When confirming the atomization method of spray dryer equipment, we should consider the quality requirements of dry powder, the authenticity of operation, the requirements of configuration, arrangement, protection and processing, and the original cost. When the suppression scale is larger, the body is thicker and the high speed press is adopted to suppress, the powder is expected to easily air and fill the cavity, and the particle size of the powder is slightly thicker, the particle size is wider and the cluster density is larger.

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