Several common faults and solutions of industrial spray drying machine
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Fault 1: Causes and solutions of wet powder adherence to inner wall of main tower of industrial spray drying machine:

(1) the feed speed of the material is too fast, the amount is too large, so that it can not be completely dry. The solution is to slow down the feed speed and quantity, and adjust the feed pump appropriately.

(2) The operation is not carried out in accordance with the requirements of the manual, and the main tower is not heated. The solution is to increase the inlet and outlet temperature of the dryer.

main tower of industrial spray drying machine

Fault 2: there are a lot of impurities in the product reasons and solutions:

(1) There are impurities in the materials of spray dryer equipment, which are not filtered out during filtering. The solution is to check the air filter and replace the filter according to the situation.

(2) the purity of the material liquid is not high, the solution is to sample the material liquid and filter out the impurities in the material liquid.

(3) There are impurities in the memory of the device. The solution is to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the device regularly to remove impurities.

Fault 3: The powder running phenomenon of spray drying milk powder is serious and the product recovery rate is low. Reasons and solutions:

(1) There is a problem with the cyclone separator, the solution is to check the cyclone separator to see whether there is a gap, and whether the air tightness is intact.

(2) Low dust removal performance, the solution is to appropriately increase the secondary dust removal.

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