JQSPRAY Export Falling Film Evaporator
 Oct 14, 2021|View:419

My company has finished the manufacture of falling film evaporator. The machine will be sent to the customer’s factory.

pack up spray cooling congealer

 spray cooling congealer ready to be sent

Falling film evaporator as an efficient one-way non-circular diaphragm evaporation equipment, its evaporation principle set a falling film evaporator has high heat transfer efficiency, small temperature difference loss, short heating time, non-perishable, easy multi-effect operating characteristics such as small volume, low energy consumption, equipment, widely applicable to the chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, petrochemical, metallurgical industries such as evaporation operation. The feed liquid of the falling film evaporator is added from the top of the evaporator. It falls in a film along the wall under the action of gravity, evaporates and thickens in the process, and then gets a concentrated solution at the bottom. The falling film evaporator can vaporize high concentration and high viscosity materials.

 spray cooling congealer loading


Changzhou Jinqiao Spray Drying and Engineering Co., Ltd, is the first contracted drying technology cooperator of the most famous university of drying technology in China. We also have prepared some other machines that are necessary for the spray drying plant. Customers are welcomed to visit us, make an investigation and make a trial.

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