How to operate spray drying equipment?
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The preparation of spray dryer equipment before the operation should be checked as follows: 1. Whether sealing material is installed at the junction of the pipeline, and then connect to ensure that the pipeline system does not leak air. 2. The door and observation window is closed and check for air leakage. 3. The bottom of the tower and the discharge device at the bottom of the cyclone separator should check whether the sealing ring falls off before installation. 4. Check whether the centrifugal fan is in the correct direction. 5. At the outlet of the centrifugal fan, adjust whether the butterfly valve is opened, and do not close the butterfly valve. 6. Whether the connecting pipe of the feed pump is connected properly, and whether the rotation direction of the motor and pump is correct. 7. The spray head on the top of the drying chamber is properly covered to avoid air leakage. Before placing the atomizer, observe whether the spray head rotation direction of the industrial spray drying machine is consistent with the nameplate.

direction of the industrial spray drying machine

Description and introduction of spray drying equipment:

1, the device

(1) In the process of installation of high-speed centrifugal spray dryer equipment, the level of the floor should be checked, there should be a drain tank around the machine, and the device should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the picture, so as not to make mistakes.

(2) The power supply should be connected in accordance with the electrical schematic diagram, and the ground wire should be installed so that the machine can be used.

2. Check before launching

(1) between the heater and the air inlet pipe, and between the air outlet pipe and the drying chamber, and between the air outlet pipe and the cyclone separator, the connection of these three should be well connected, and sealed with a seal ring to prevent air leakage.

(2) When installing the ash discharge valve, you should check the connection between the ash discharge valve and the lower part of the cyclone separator, whether it is well connected, and whether it is clamped.

(3) Whether the rotation of the fan is normal, whether it can operate normally, and whether the butterfly valve is turned on, pay attention to not shut down.

3, parking

(1) First turn off the winding gear, then remove the pollinator, and then turn over the winding gear. Add water into the feeding cylinder. The outlet temperature should remain unchanged to avoid affecting the humidity in the drying room.

(2) Shut off the heater, and then suspend the water supply. Then open the drying chamber, take out the products and then close the fan, clean the centrifugal nozzle.

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