Three atomization forms of food spray dryer
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The food spray dryer is a drying equipment that evaporates rapidly in hot air by atomizing the material liquid. It can be seen that the atomization process is a key link in the working process of spray drying equipment. There are three ways of atomization. Let's take the common centrifugal spray drying equipment as an example to introduce these three ways in detail.

Atomization method 1: feed liquid directly split into droplets

This condition is a kind of atomization produced under the condition of less feed liquid, because the feed liquid is affected by centrifugal force, it will quickly move to the edge of the slack plate, and the liquid ring arch above, is related to the size of the centrifugal force, the viscosity of the material liquid, surface tension, and the smoothness of the slack plate. If the centrifugal force is greater than the surface tension of the droplets, the spherical droplets will quickly split and atomize, but there will be a small number of large droplets.

centrifugal spray dryer equipment

Atomization method two: filament-like split into droplets

On the contrary, if the feed volume of centrifugal spray dryer equipment is large and the rotation speed of slack plate is fast, then the hemispherical droplets on it will be drawn into filaments of liquid lines. They are in direct proportion to each other. However, when a certain amount is reached, the liquid line will become thick, and the liquid silk number is no longer added, at this time, the liquid silk will crack phenomenon, and then shrink into a ball.

Atomization method three: film splitting into droplets

When the centrifugal spray dryer equipment is working, the liquid flow is continued to be added, but the liquid silk and wire diameter are no longer added, so the thin film will be formed between the liquid silk by bonding. And when it is thrown out by centrifugal force, and a certain distance from the slack disk, will form droplets, and have a wider distribution. A further increase in speed would allow the liquid to spew out at high speed and atomize it.

The above three atomization methods do not exist alone in the actual drying process. In order to maximize the drying efficiency and drying quality of spray dryer equipment, the three methods should be adjusted according to the material characteristics.

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