How to maintain the spray dryer equipment?
 Sep 16, 2021|View:700

1. spray dryer equipment due to long-term work or operation method is not satisfactory, some within the spray drier rendering set are expected to affect the normal work, should stop work at this time cleaning, drying tower in aggregate cleaning should open the door, with long broom finishing at the bottom of the funnel aggregate, open the discharge valve, opened the refrigerator, should be opened the circulating water, wash drier with tap water tower.

2. After a period of work, the spray dryer equipment needs to be checked and protected. Regarding the feeding system, check whether the filters, pipes, valves, and nozzles are blocked, clean them regularly, check the wear of the nozzles, and replace them immediately if the wear is severe.

how to maintain the spray dryer equipment

3, through a period of work, should check whether the material pump oil leakage, pressure gauge, and oil level are normal. Regarding the blower of the spray dryer equipment, check whether the shaft and bearing are short of oil heat, whether there is vibration and noise, etc. If necessary, clean the filters at the tubing, pump, and nozzle.

4. If an emergency occurs, the spray dryer equipment should be immediately closed, the blower and the material pump should be closed first. Assuming power failure, the gas engine should be pulled out, so that the tower body is naturally cooling, and then open the drainage valve, drain slurry pipeline, and cleaning equipment. Dry powder in limited space movement there will always be some encounter on the wall, which is unavoidable, but such sticky wall is generally not thick, as long as the air blowing or quietly knocking can be shaken off, a brief solution is wall polishing, can solve this problem to a certain extent.

The above is the protection and maintenance solution of spray dryer equipment. We hope you can have a further understanding of it after reading it. If you want to know more about it, welcome to contact us.