How to improve the heat utilization efficiency of industrial spray dryer?
 Mar 15, 2022|View:352

The working temperature of industrial spray dryer must be suitable. If the temperature is too low, the product moisture content is high. If the temperature is too high, the product moisture content is too low, and the yield is low. The flow rate is fast, monotonous not completely, the flow rate is slow, monotonous too thoroughly; Atmospheric pressure; Inlet air pressure.

efficiency of industrial spray dryers

There are many components that affect the monotonic efficiency of industrial spray dryers, including:

First, air intake, inlet temperature, wall insulation results, tower body layout, tower height and widthTwo, feed volume, feed temperature, sprayer diameter, model (spray shape)

Three, particle size, the nature of the material liquid, these all have an effect on efficiency of monotone as usual but against companies forward tower height and heat preservation, just even spray powder, hot use efficiency is very high I also have this problem be twisted experts spray granulator monotonous, is a kind of the spray drab skills with the fluidized bed granulation united as one of the new proprietary Chinese medicine, Western medicine granulation construction is equipped with paving.

When confirming the atomization method of industrial spray dryer, we should consider the quality requirements of dry powder, the authenticity of operation, the requirements of configuration, arrangement, protection and processing, and the original cost. When the suppression scale is larger, the body is thicker and the high speed press is adopted to suppress, the powder is expected to easily air and fill the cavity, and the particle size of the powder is slightly thicker, the particle size is wider and the cluster density is larger.

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