Food spray dryer drying heat-sensitive material advantages
 Aug 23, 2022|View:414

The drying of heat-sensitive materials has always been a headache for the industry. Most of the drying equipment on the market carries out drying through heat transfer, which has a great impact on the biological activity and physical properties of materials, especially milk powder, coffee, and other food, in order to be able to dry oxidation, volatile, heat-sensitive materials, food spray dryer has become the preferred.

Food spray dryer

The drying process of a food spray dryer can keep the chemical structure and biological activity of the material, the material will be sprayed through the spray nozzle and heat transferred with hot air, moisture quickly evaporated, in a very short time can be dried, some even only need about 1 second, suitable for all kinds of liquid materials drying. The food spray dryer is made entirely of stainless steel. It also uses a nozzle cleaner for materials that are prone to sticking. If they get stuck, they will be cleaned automatically. Furthermore, the food spray dryer can be used for drying and granulating at the same time. The finished product is directly granular, can be directly packaged, and is an ideal drying equipment. The product is of uniform quality, has good fluidity and solubility, high purity, and good quality. It has wide application prospects in the chemical industry, food, dairy, building material, and so on.

We are specialized in producing various kinds of spray drying equipment, according to the characteristics of different products, the company provides targeted spray drying solutions and technical support, if you want to know more about food spray dryers, welcome to consult.

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