Industrial spray dryers dry bulk density factors
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Industrial spray dryers drying density, also known as bulk density, plays a decisive role in the drying effect of products, so determining the density of drying pine, is a very important job. In general, industrial spray dryers should be designed to set the drying density, only in this way, the product can achieve a better drying effect. The dry bulk density of industrial spray dryers can not be determined at random, and a number of integrated factors must be taken into account when determining the density of dry pine, as follows:

industrial spray dryers

(1) Type of equipment

If you use cocurrent industrial spray dryers, you can get a higher-density product, so you can choose according to your actual needs.

(2) The role of additives

If you want low-density products, such as instant coffee, instant tea, or some paint powder, you can add nitrogen or carbon dioxide to the dry material. But if you add inorganic salts, such as sodium chloride, will make the density looser, so should be careful to add, do not add errors, because this may be counterproductive.

(3) Material concentration

The feed concentration of industrial spray dryers is proportional to the packing density, and the lower the feed concentration and the packing density, the lower the production capacity.

(4) Hot air and exhaust temperature

If the temperature difference between hot air and exhaust is large, the bulk density of the product will be low; if the temperature difference is small, the bulk density will be higher. However, the temperature difference can not be too small, because the temperature difference is small, then the amount of air required, so that the required power and heat increase, but with adverse effects, so can not be too small.

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