Food spray dryer to achieve atomization granulation process
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A food spray dryer is the use of hot air to achieve the drying of foggy products, hot air from the spray drying tower into the drying tower, after drying the waste gas from the induced draft fan exhaust. In the food spray dryer process, it is very important to control the temperature and outlet temperature of the food spray dryer as hot air enters the tower.

Food spray dryer

The food spray dryer in use, exhaust temperature, and product moisture content should be based on the allowed moisture content of the product to determine. The higher the hot air temperature, the higher the thermal efficiency and the better the economy. However, the too high hot air temperature will lead to poor product quality, so hot air temperature in order to ensure product quality under the premise of appropriate increase.

The hot air temperature of the food spray dryer can significantly affect the volume density of the product. High-temperature hot air tends to produce low packing density, which is due to the quick drying effect of hot air, which hardens the surface of particles and makes the residual moisture expand, thus promoting the formation of balloon-like hollow particles. If high bulk density or solid particles are required, hot air should not be used to contact newly formed droplets. During the chemical drying process, the hot air temperature is up to 538 ° C, and the product particles are large.

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