Things to watch out for when turning off spray dryer equipment
 Jul 07, 2022|View:200

Not only do you have to follow the right steps when you turn spray dryer equipment on, but you also have to be careful when you turn it off to make sure it works the next time, today I will tell you the correct spray dryer equipment shutdown procedures.

spray dryer equipment

First, after all the material in the spray dryer equipment has been sucked out of the outlet, place the feed tube head into a bucket filled with water to clean the nebulizer. The peristaltic pump does not need to be turned up very high, a parameter set of about 15 can be, wait a moment to see whether the feed pipeline is clean, wait 2-3 minutes after the nebulizer is thoroughly clean, and you can turn off. Then open the shelf on the pump and let the water flow back. Wait for the atomizer to spray the rest of the water and then turn it off. Wait until the fog is completely gone before turning off the electric heater and vibrator. Once the inlet air temperature has cooled, you can open the hatch to flush out the inner areas where the material has accumulated. Once it is cleaned, you can turn off the other machines, close the butterfly valve, and remove the hopper.

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