How to solve the problem of serious powder running in spray dryer equipment?
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According to the structure of atomizer, spray dryer equipment can be divided into three types: centrifugal type, pressure type and air flow type. It is suitable for drying solution, suspension or slurry material, especially for drying materials with high heat sensitivity and materials that are easy to disperse in the process of material and liquid concentration. It is the method of spray, so that the material becomes fog droplets dispersed in the hot air, the material and the hot air is parallel flow, countercurrent or mixed flow way contact each other, so that the water quickly evaporation, to achieve the purpose of drying.

impurities in the industrial spray drying machine

Main tower wall adhesion wet powder, this phenomenon generally has two reasons. First, the feed speed of the material is too fast, the amount is too large, so that it can not be completely dry, the solution is to slow down the feed speed and quantity, the feed pump for appropriate adjustment; Second, the user did not operate in accordance with the requirements of the manual, and the main tower was not heated. The solution is to increase the inlet and outlet temperature of the dryer. There are generally three reasons for the presence of large amounts of impurities in products. First, there are impurities in the industrial spray drying machine, which are not filtered out during filtering. The solution is to check the air filter and replace the filter according to the situation. Second, the purity of the material liquid is not high, the solution is to sample the material liquid, filter out the impurities in the material liquid; Third, the device memory has impurities, the solution is to regularly clean the equipment in all aspects, remove impurities.

The phenomenon of running powder is serious, the recovery rate of the product is low, if the cyclone separator has problems, or the dust removal performance is low, it is easy to run powder phenomenon. In view of this phenomenon, the former solution is to check the cyclone separator, check whether there is a gap, and whether the air tightness is intact; The latter solution is to increase the secondary dust removal appropriately. If the user finds that the industrial spray dryers is noisy, the two parts should be checked, mainly to see whether the atomization plate is in balance, whether the bearing works normally and whether the lubricating oil is added correctly. If there is damage, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

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