What are the advantages of industrial spray dryers?
 Jan 11, 2022|View:737

Advantages of industrial spray dryers:

1. Speed and ecology

The one-step drying process of industrial spray dryers can be carried out in a few seconds, so it has advantages over other industrial drying technologies. In the food industry, agile desiccation plays a particularly important role in ensuring less overall taste damage. This step is based on basic concepts and applies automation techniques. The process is versatile and applies to a wide range of raw materials and product models. In fact, all raw materials that can be used for underwater concrete such as aqueous solution, mixture, slurry, solution, paste, gel and so on can also be spray dryer.


2. Quality management

Industrial spray drying machine form powders with controllable particle size distribution and overall quality. Other characteristics of the spray dryer operation include volume density, grain size and residual organic solvent levels. This main parameter can be manipulated to facilitate the application of the method to such categories as pharmaceuticals, where the absorption of pharmaceuticals is at a very large level at the particulate scale. In the production of dyeing agent, the powder consistency of well-proportioned mortar ensures that it is easy to disperse into the mixture of architectural paint. Food enterprises attach great importance to moisture composition, which determines the shelf life of goods.

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