What is the main machine of industrial spray dryers composed of?
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Many friends are curious about what constitutes the host of industrial spray dryers. In fact, the host is composed of detachable metal plate components. The main components are drying box, timing grain discharge device, up auger, down auger, hoist, grain unloading device, suction fan, transmission room, motor and grain cleaning mechanism.

The main engine has five sections: the bottom section is the main engine seat, the top section is the main engine cover, the middle three sections are particle drying section. The main machine is assembled from 20 pieces of thin steel sheet formed by stamping. The installation of the thin plate does not need a medium tie, but 16 long tendons with threads at both ends penetrate its main body, separated by clamping plate and pressing plate in the middle, and installed according to strict assembly procedures.

main engine of industrial spray drying machine

The main transmission parts of the main engine of industrial spray drying machine are installed in the transmission room at the short end of the fuel stove in the base of the main engine. The transmission room is equipped with motor pulley, clutch, shift lever, tensioning pinot wheel, fan pulley, gearbox, grain row sprocket, intermediate pulley and so on. The fan belt pulley drives the exhaust fan to rotate through the longitudinal long axis. The bottom of the longitudinal center of the base is the lower auger. Four grain rows are mounted on top of the base.

In addition, the base is also equipped with grain discharging adjusting door, grain cleaning mechanism and drying grain sampling device. The motor is fixed at the lower left corner of the base. Particle hoist is installed at one end of the fan base cluster four corners with four small rollers, no grain before; The whole machine can do mobile transport near the torch. Before the valley; The four corners of industrial spray dryer are padded with special floor Angle.

The roof of the main engine (section 5) is in the shape of a roof, and the ridge peak is installed with an auger and a distributor, which has the grain sent by the elevator evenly distributed into the industrial spray drying machine. The whole machine is equipped with a lifting machine for loading, unloading and ensuring dry operation of grain cycle. The top of the hoist is provided with a flip grain commutator and grain overflow device. The grain sent by the hoist and the incoming grain can be sent to the auger or the grain drain pipe respectively through the commutator.

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