Precautions for operating the industrial spray drying machine
 Jan 17, 2023|View:496

In the daily production process of the industrial spray drying machine, the necessary preparatory work should be carried out before starting the machine. Check whether the bearings and sealing parts of each device are loose, the lubricating oil condition of each mechanical part and whether each water, air and slurry pipe valve is in the required position. Then turn on the power supply to check whether the voltage and instrumentation are normal, and then check the amount and concentration of slurry in the slurry mixing barrel, if there is a problem, it should be removed in time. Then open the fan and extractor fan in turn, then turn on the heating switch to start heating up.


industrial spray drying machine

When the temperature at the discharge port reaches the set temperature (generally around 130°C), start the material pump and the dust removal system. When the pump pressure reaches 2MPa, turn on the spray gun and start granulation. After the operation of the equipment, the atomization condition and the working condition of the material pump should be observed in time, if the phenomenon of gun blocking is present, the nozzle should be cleaned or replaced immediately. After the normal operation of the equipment, the material should also be collected on time, check the operation of the systems on time, record the process parameters, and pay attention to the finishing of the oscillating filter sieve.  


At the end of granulation, the heating device should be shut down and the gas machine should be suspended. Then close the gun valve, replace the gun, unscrew the nozzle and flush it clean. Once the inlet temperature has been reduced to below 100°C, the fan and extractor can be stopped. Then sort out the residual material in the drying tower and dust collector, close the dust collector and the gas hammer, then close the general power supply and finish the production operation. In case of an emergency, the equipment should be shut down immediately and the supply fan and material pump should be shut down. If there is a sudden power failure, the gas machine should be pulled out, so that the tower body naturally cools, and then open the drain valve, drain the slurry pipe slurry, and clean the equipment. 


The centrifugal atomizer of the industrial spray drying machine is required to work stably at high speed, so it is necessary to set the flange surface of the atomizer in the upper part of the tower body to adhere to the level, and set the rubber flange pad between the two flange surfaces to avoid oscillation, and to pay special attention to the following when protecting.

1. When placed directly for a long time, please block the power supply and air source.

2. When packing the equipment, add lubricant to the gearbox before packing.

3. It is necessary to keep the equipment in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive medium, and non-oscillating environment.

4. Check the packaging regularly.

5. After a long period of storage, the performance of the equipment should be acknowledged again before reinstallation or start-up.

6. For the protection and conservation of other auxiliary components, please refer to the appropriate component instructions.


The above is the entire content of what needs to be noted when operating the industrial spray drying machine, if you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.