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Application of Spray Drying Technology in Preparation of Lithium-Ion Battery Materials

View: 10207/12/2021  

Using the mixed solution of lithium acetate and cobalt acetate as the precursor, the mixed powder was prepared by spray drying method and heat-treated to obtain LiCo02 superfine powder. The powder distribution of LiCo02 is uniform, with a particle size of 200~700nm. It was found that the LiCo02 prepared by this method has excellent electrochemical activity by assembling the test battery to test its charge and discharge capacity. Using Li2C03 and rutile Ti02 as precursors, through the process of spray drying and heat treatment, the spherical porous Li4Ti5O12 powder with a particle size of several microns was prepared. The electrode material with excellent performance was obtained at the heat treatment temperature of 100 ~ 300℃ lower than that of the common mechanical mixture solid-state reaction method.

Spray drying

Spray drying is characterized by a rapid drying process, high production efficiency, and large yield, and has certain advantages in the large-scale preparation of electrode materials. However, there are some technical difficulties to be solved in the spray drying method: to ensure that the obtained material has high sphericity, suitable particle size, and improve the product density and particle fluidity; The prepared products have uniform chemical composition, the element proportion meets the requirements, to ensure the stability of the electrochemical properties of materials; It is ensured that this method is universal and can be promoted in the preparation of different electrode materials.

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