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Three ways and working principle of the chemical spray dryer

View: 23303/18/2021  

Chemical spray dryers are dry solutions, emulsions, suspensions, powders or particulate matter products, saving, saving, and pulping. After the mechanical effect, the particles can be scattered, and most of the moisture is removed, and the solid substance in the object is dried into a powder.

Now, the chemical spray dryer is widely used in the rapid drying of liquid materials, suitable for medical and other categories.

The principle of the chemical spray dryer method is to use high pressure pumps by atomizer (spray gun), polychemicals are directly contacted with hot air, heat exchange, dry and short.

spray dryer for chemical

The pressure spray particle device has two guidances of two rotating fluids, and is intended to try to increase the turbulence of the solution during the spraying process. One of the leading axes is perpendicular to the nozzle shaft instead of cross; the other is a must-have point of view of the front axis and level.

Those skilled in the art will obtain a more uniform droplet using the chemical spray drying method to reduce the vibration of the rotation of the disk; when entering an optical disk solution, continues in the unit time, the surface is flat on the surface of the disk. In addition, the circumference of the disc should not be too small.

The chemical spray dryer is a dried liquid, suspension, slurry, and a boring device for drying liquid drying. The device is fast, suitable for drying, bonding materials, fragrance, flavor, convenient operation of hot material, suitable for continuous control, product score, fluidity, solubility, is now a drug.

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