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 To whom it may concern:

    For the development of business, technical study and production arrangements, we       have changed our address as below:

    Business, technical study and production section 1:

    Luhengroad (Jinniu Bridge), Xiyan Village, Hengshanqiao Town, Changzhou                   City, Jiangsu Province, 213119, P. R. China

    Production section 2 and 3:

    3rd Huanghe Road, Matou Town, Zouping County Binzhou City, Shandong Provice,         256214, P. R. China

    Please use the new address for all further business communications.

    There’s no change with telephone, mobile, and email details.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused, and thanks for your support.

    Sincerely yours

    Changzhou Jinqiao Spray Drying and Engineering Co., Ltd

    Zouping Shuangfei Complete Equipment Co., Ltd

    February 29th, 2014

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