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New Workshop and Domenstration Plants

View: 29808/07/2011  

Through few years of fast development, our company is expanding our new workshop and demonstration plants in Shandong Province.

With the support of local government in Shandong, we have procured 130 mu of land (around 8,667 square meters) in Zouping, Shandong. The new company will include following sections:



TRIAL WORKSHOP, for making trials with different spray dryers, and the upstream, downstream machines, such as extraction, evaporation, separation, different fluid beds and grinding machine etc.

TESTING ROOM: for to check the parameters of the raw material and final products, as well as some glass apparatus for laboratory applications.

DEMONSTRATION PLANTS: we should install some medium scale demonstration plants that meets GMP standard for customer’s reference visits. The plants we are planning to install include one Non-Dairy Creamer (NDC) plant, one stevioside plant, and one Instant Coffee Plant. All plants will be medium scale, and the main purpose is to show the customers how the system works.

It is expected that we should finish all procedures to procure the land by the end of this year, and start construction work early next year.

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